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“If I were someone else, would this all fall apart?”

I’ve had some major writers block the past few weeks; not due to a lack of things to write, it’s just been hard for me to get the neurons firing in my brain to make my thoughts transcribe into words that make sense on the computer screen. Some things have come up that I still haven’t fully processed… So, until … Continue reading

“Birthday party, cheesecake, jellybean, BOOM!”

Well, surprise, surprise, we’re still here. Those crazy Mayans were wrong. I mean, c’mon. Are you gonna believe a bunch of people who couldn’t grasp the concept of Survival of The Fittest? Did anyone in the Philly area hear that storm last night? Holy Schneikies, it actually sounded worse than Hurricane Sandy did. This morning there are a buttload of … Continue reading

“…you know we’ve got to find a way, to bring some understanding here today.”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I sat down at my computer and attempted to write a post to help sort the thoughts in my head about the tragedy that occurred last Friday. It’s so difficult to articulate, to make any kind of sense of what happened. My heart aches, and simply put, I am sad. I’m sad … Continue reading

“Such a cozy room, the windows are illuminated…”

Today is 4 years since we signed our lives away made settlement on our home. Except for my house growing up, I’ve never stayed in one place for so long. I guess that’s part of being a grown-up. We had our house built, and I remember how much fun we had picking the cabinets, elevation, granite, color of the stucco. The … Continue reading

“…concrete jungle where dreams are made of.”

Goooood mooooooorning, Vietnam!!! Err…. Philadelphia! Err…. blogger world. It’s a damp and foggy start to the week here in my area. In the past two weeks it’s gone from going down to the 20’s at night, to almost record setting temps in the high 60’s last week. The ups and downs of the weather are making me dizzy. I’m thinking … Continue reading

“Simply having a wonderful Christmastime…”

What is it about the holidays that bring out the best in people? (insert sarcasm) I understand it’s stressful trying to snatch up that last Tickle Me Elmo or Bratz doll so your kid doesn’t have a fit come Christmas morning, but isn’t Christmas all about bringing cheer and hope and good-will to men? Why does this time of year … Continue reading

It’s OK Thursday

I just wrote a status update on FaceBook, which has inspired a blog post for It’s OK Thursday IT’s OK….  that I do not understand Elf on a Shelf. As I said, I realize it may be due to the fact that I am a dreidel spinning J-O-O, but I really don’t get it.  So the point is to have … Continue reading

So tired…

Hello to all my loves. I’ve had a rough lupus week, the kind where getting out of bed to go downstairs to take my meds is zapping all my energy. Princess Matzo Ball and I have been in bed pretty much the entire day. I am a spoiled rotten princess. Hubby bought me the new 27inch iMac, and I’m too … Continue reading

Weekend Update with MarlaJan

What. A. Weekend. Since I am confined to the house today, I have plenty of time to blog all about it! Why, you ask, am I confined to the house? The UPS Man is coming with a package that needs to be signed for (a new computer for yours truly???) so I told Hubby I’d stay home and wait.  The closest … Continue reading

Sunday Social 10.0

Hi Friends!! I am SO SO SO SO very behind on reading all my favorite blogs and responding back to all the nice folk that commented on my posts. I can’t wait for tomorrow when I can relax all day and catch up with everyone. Except for a quick stop for the labwork, I have NO DOCTORS APPOINTMENTS this upcoming … Continue reading

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