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“We gon’ party like it’s yo birthday…”

*I wrote this on August 8th, but forgot to post. 

Twenty-four hours into my 25th  31st year, and I have to say, so far so good. It was a much needed, low-key day. It didn’t really feel like my birthday, but considering I spent my 30th drunk off my ass sending texts I had no business sending, I was probably better off.

My day began with food shopping at 8am. I wish I were kidding. Nothing says “you’re a grown up,” like being at Shop Rite with your large pile of coupons in hand at 8am on your 31st birthday! Sad as it seems, I actually enjoy food shopping that early. I like having the store to myself and there are no old people clogging up the aisles blocking me from my Milano cookies or bratty kids screaming.

After an exciting food shopping trip, I headed on down to my sisters and was greeted with “Happy Birfday Aun Mawa” from my handsome, smart, precious nephew, PJ-Licious! There are few things sweeter than getting hugs & kisses from him.

We piled into Bries car, and made the far drive to visit our cousin Matts wife, Colleen and their beautiful daughter Braelyn. Colleen is 25 weeks pregnant with their second child, although you could never tell. She looks like she had a few too many donuts for breakfast, not that there is a baby gestating inside her. I look more pregnant than her with my prednisone belly. For real.

We had a nice visit, and went on our way before rush hour on 76. 76 is the worst highway in the world with only 2 lanes, and even at 4am you can get caught in a traffic jam. One of my favorite local bands even wrote a song about 76. It’s the road you love to hate.

After we got back to Brie’s, I left and went to my friend Fabiana’s. Her husband is one of Hubby’s good friends from college, and I was lucky enough to score a great friend out of the deal. One of my favorite pastimes is hanging out with her and their super cute son Nicholas, then partaking in some coffee and chatting with Fab when Nicholas goes down for his nap. And that is exactly what we did!

I was planning on going home and cooking dinner with Hubby, and just having a low-key night. But Rob called Fab on his way home from work, and when he heard I was over said “let’s go out to dinner!” Music to my ears!

Where did we end up? All-You-Can-Eat Taco Tuesday at Don Pablo’s! DELISH!!!!! I got a birthday serenade from the wait staff and a most yummy fried dough dessert.

When we finished there, Hubby and I headed across the street to Applebee’s where one of his best friends is a bartender. I am blessed that Hubby has such wonderful friends, and have become very good friends to me. I always tease him that they like me better. 🙂

So, was it the most exciting birthday? No, certainly not one for the record books. But the love that poured in all day from friends and family was a reminder how lucky I am to have so many amazing people in my life. And that was all I needed to have a happy birthday.

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