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…Rock you like a hurricane!”

It’s been 48 hours since I’ve left my house. Hurricane Sandy came in with a vengence, luckily not causing too much damage around here. I’m sad to say that I know people whose homes were destroyed. My heart goes out to them, and the millions in this area who are affected. I’ve been going to the Jersey Shore every summer … Continue reading

"Oh Sandy, baby…"

Unless you’ve been sitting under a rock for the past few days, you can’t turn on the news without hearing that Hurricane Sandy will be taking the east coast by storm (pun. totally. intended.) in the next few days. This totally blows chunks for yours truly, because Sunday is the Philadelphia Lupus Loop and this year my team has more … Continue reading

“All eyes on me, in the center of the ring just like a circus…”

Dear Friday Really?!?!?!?!? I was enjoying Adam Levine on Live with Kelly & Michael this morning (anyone else think he should have come out naked???) and tooling around on Facebook. Hubby stayed home today because he had a super important Skype demo with super duper important people at the Wharton School of Business for a side job he’s doing at … Continue reading

“May you find some comfort here…”

I have such a heavy heart this morning. Since Saturday night, local police have been frantically searching for a beautiful 12 year-old girl, Autumn, who left her house riding her bike Saturday afternoon to go to a friends. She never made it there. As more time passed, state police and eventually the FBI got involved in the search. The story … Continue reading

Friday’s Letters

Can I get a TGIF?!?!?! Even though I’ve been out on disability for almost 6 months, I still love the weekends. I wanted to write a post today, but I don’t have anything all that exciting to chat about. So I’m doing my first Friday’s Letters link-up. Cause it looks like fun, dammit!! Dear iPhone I’m so sorry I cheated … Continue reading

“Welcome to my silly life…”

I’m still trying to find my groove with this whole blogging thing. When I first began writing, I was about to take my leave of absence from work, and figured it would help me vent, and truthfully, pass some time. I’ve come to learn just how big the blogging world has become. I had no idea about link-ups, blog conferences, … Continue reading

My summer dance jam…

So, since most of you don’t know me in real life, just the bloggy world, you wouldn’t know that I say “balls” ALL. THE. TIME. What the balls? Ballstastic! That’s the balls!!! Balls to the wall! And sometimes, just plain old BALLS Yep. Issues. I’m well aware. Anyway, my friend posted this gem from 30 Rock on my facebook page … Continue reading

Me, Myself & I…

I’m partaking in my first Me, Myself & I linkup.  Because you know you want to learn more about my quirky self! 1. What is your favorite season and why? I’m definitely torn between spring and fall. Both because they are visually appealing. There is nothing like a fully bloomed cherry blossom tree in early spring yet I love the … Continue reading

“We are beautiful, no matter what they say…”

A few Monday’s ago, Hubby and I sat down to watch The Voice, and we were greeted with this sight on 60 inches of Hi-Def television… She’s never been one for subtlety, and that’s one of the things I love about her, but even I was kinda grossed out at the amount of boobie and veins on the screen. I … Continue reading

“Everything that we survived, it’s gonna be alright, just lucky we’re alive.”

It finally happened. I received my first Benlysta infusion! I didn’t sleep at all last night because I was convinced I would get to the hospital today and someone would tell me there was another delay. But luckily (for them!) there were no issues. I told my friend Danielle yesterday that she would hear me screaming all the way in … Continue reading

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