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Happy Hump Day, bitches! I should be heading out the door to go food shopping, but I don’t feel like going. I’m not feeling good at all. So, I figured I’d procrastinate the trip to Shop Rite but partaking in the Random Wednesday link-up. ***** Yesterday I was scheduled for a CT scan of my lungs so the doctors can … Continue reading

“Her tears like diamonds on the floor…”

There are some weeks when I am running all over the place to different doctors, going for different tests, blood work, etc., and then times, such as the past few weeks, where there hasn’t been too much going on as I wait to see some new specialists. It’s been nice to not feel like a permanant fixture in doctors offices, … Continue reading

“Change of weather, still together when it ends…”

I’ve come to the realization that the older I get, the less my weekends are “EPIC!” and more, “ahhh, what a nice relaxing weekend.”  As someone who, up until a year ago when lupus decided to show its true colors, was the life of the party, it’s sometimes still hard to come to terms with. But, as I read all … Continue reading

“…and some just don’t know how to change.”

It’s fricken freezin in here, Mr. Bigglesworth! I refuse to put up the obligatory (ie. annoying) car thermometer picture so you all know how chilly it is here. It’s winter. In Philadelphia. It gets flipping cold. Linking up again for The Friday Five *** I hate to start off on such a somber note, but I figured better to start … Continue reading

It’s OK, Thursday

Brrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s about all I can muster on this freezing cold Friday Eve. Linking up with Amber & Neely for It’s OK, Thursday It’s Okay… that I spent over 10 minutes looking at hair products in Shop Rite before it dawned on me that I HAVE NO HAIR!!!!!! that I may have growled at Hubby when he went to reach … Continue reading

“You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…”

There is FINALLY snow on the ground in Philadelphia! Do you know how I know? Well, besides looking out the window, Sherlock. Facebook. All the dozens of status updates complaining about.. OH NO!… snow in January!!!!!!!! THE HORROR!!! Am I a fan of snow, not in the least. That said, I do know how climate and seasons work, and here … Continue reading

“I come undone in this mad season…”

‘Ello loves. It was nice to have the past few weekends to myself, but alas, that quickly came to an end. Lots of tests and seeing new doctors for the fucking lupus are coming up. Happy happy joy joy. There’s also weddings, showers, birthdays, etc to keep my planner full and my wallet empty. Two SUPER exciting things happened this … Continue reading

Sunday Social 12.0

Happy Sunday everyone! If you’re a huge hockey fan like me, I’m sure you were ecstatic over the return of the NHL this weekend. Since the Philadelphia Phillies didn’t make the playoffs and Philadelphia Eagles were atrocious, it’s been a beyond boring fall and winter without some hockey. Brie and I are born and raised Philly  fans, and some of my … Continue reading

“Pour me somethin’ tall and strong…”

After a dark, cold and rainy week here in Philadelphia, the sun has FINALLY showed her pretty little face. It’s still pretty flipping cold, but seeing the sun makes the wind and brisk temps so much more tolerable. I usually do Friday’s Letters link-up, but today I’m following the lead of one of my favorite local bloggers, SMD, and linking … Continue reading

“Don’t wanna be an American idiot…”

In the news recently, there have been many headlines that have made me seriously consider increasing the amount of blood pressure medication I take on a daily basis. There were actually times when I could feel the hot blood make its way up to my brain… Lance Armstrong C’mon people. Wake up and smell the Epogen. After years of speculation, … Continue reading

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