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“I ain’t changed, but I know I ain’t the same…”

One year. 365 days out of work, not getting a paycheck. It’s been one year since I’ve administered lasix (not counting to myself), drawn labs off an arterial line, hand-ventilated a patient or said to a parent “I’m Marla, and I will be your nurse for the next 12 hours.” In some ways, it seems like the time has flown … Continue reading

“Head under water, and you tell me, to breathe easy for awhile..”

Hello my loves. My brain feels like the “This is your brain on drugs,” commercial. Not that I’m doing any mind-altering drugs (unless prednisone counts) but there is just way too much going on inside my head right now. This is probably going to be all over the place. Word vomit, if you will. Yesterday I received news that someone … Continue reading

“This girl’s an open page…”

Hello my loves! Monday is upon us, another weekend behind. One week until my cardiac catheterization. Lots of doctors appointments, tests, and blood work this week. You know, the usual. Friday I felt like hell, so I laid in bed all day.  I cancelled plans for coffee with my friend Tracey, I just could not get moving. Everything hurt. It … Continue reading

“You’ve got no one to blame for your unhappiness…”

Hello my loves! What a week, I’m glad it’s almost over. It’s been the type of week that when you turn on the news or answer the phone, you don’t hear anything good. I had an epiphany while rocking out to some Wilson Phillips in the car yesterday, but unfortunately, I can’t really divulge any further. Anywho, it’s Friday, bitches! … Continue reading

“For only love can conquer hate…”

I can’t make sense of what occurred in Boston on Monday. I do know 2 people that ran the marathon, and by the grace of God, both of them were safe. When I can’t seem to wrap my brain around something, I turn to music to help me understand… Originally written in 1971 by Marvin Gaye, this video was made … Continue reading

“I’m on tonight, you know my hips don’t lie…”

Hello my loves! SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!!! Monday was such a gorgeous day, driving with the windows open and the radio up! Quite amazing!!!! After the great avocado hair dye debacle, I had to buzz some hair off last night. It was so freaking itchy, and I was afraid I was starting to react again. Bye bye red hair. I’m still sleeping … Continue reading

"This girl is on fire…"

Sometimes, I get really great ideas. And sometimes, a number of those ideas that I think are great, turn into big fat fails. On Friday, I watched the last three episodes of season 5 of Mad Men so I could remember exactly how the season ended. Every time I watch that show, I get the “I want red hair” bug. … Continue reading

“…but your lipstick got me so out of breath.”

Happy Friday! It’s pretty rainy and gloomy here, but according to my iPhone it’s supposed to clear up for the weekend. And that makes me happy. First, thanks for all the emails, comments, tweets, etc from my last post. Most days I hold it together quite nicely, and others… well, I’m not Super Woman. I used to think I was, … Continue reading

“So pardon me while I burst…”

Hello my loves! I got a little smug with Monday’s post by saying that this is the best I’ve felt in awhile. I spent all of Tuesday in bed with killer joint pain. OK, the second I typed ‘killer joint point,’ that episode of Doug where him and Skeeter are obsessed with the song “Killer Tofu” by The Beets popped … Continue reading

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