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Sometimes, I get really great ideas. And sometimes, a number of those ideas that I think are great, turn into big fat fails.

On Friday, I watched the last three episodes of season 5 of Mad Men so I could remember exactly how the season ended. Every time I watch that show, I get the “I want red hair” bug. Of course, I guess part of me was also hoping that if I dyed my hair red, I would somehow magically turn into Joan Holloway.

All of you that read my blog know I only have about, at most, a half inch of hair on my head from hair loss from lupus. I figured, if I dyed it and looked like ass, I’d just buzz it off.
It’s only hair.
So I printed out some coupons, headed to Target, and picked out a really pretty red color.
I picked that one cause the girl had brown eyes and a pink-y skin tone like mine. Plus, I figured it would fade really quickly, as red dye always does.
I put on the hair dye, and it itched, but I figured it was because I haven’t dyed my hair in over a year. I wait the 25 minutes, wash it out…
Hubby and I go to bed that night, and my scalp is getting more and more itchy. I’m eventually clawing at my head, and I’m starting to get little hives on my scalp.
I run into the bathroom, and grab the box of dye from the wastebasket. On the bottom right corner is picture of a ripe avocado. Scroll back up and look for yourself.
I’m allergic to avocados.
2 Benedryl and 2 Tylenol later, I finally pass out.
Charlize & Marla: TWINS!!!!!
Christina & Marla: FAIL!

Happy Monday!!!!!


  1. Helene says:

    ohh i like the color! so sorry that it made you react that way! ugh!

  2. Syndal says:

    oh noooo hahaha poor girl!

  3. I love Joan, and you. This made me laugh though. Stupid avocados and their rash inducing tendencies on top of everything else! I love that color on you.

  4. holli says:

    I really do like the color- i dont think its a total fail but i feel so bad for your allergic reaction.
    Are you sensitive to aspartane or anything in sugar free? My mom's lupus acts up if she eats or drinks anything with equal, etc.

  5. Sarah says:

    OHMYGOSH! So glad you're alright! I got stung by a bee this weekend, and found out that I'm NOT allergic to bees–thank gosh.

    In other news, you're adorable regardless of the hair color, sista!

  6. Shelly says:

    oh marla!! ahhhhh you look lovely in every hair color–stupid avocados! you and brie are allergic to funny things. =) hope you aren't itchy today!

  7. Anonymous says:

    You're hilarious! After all that you've been through, you always remain positive and witty and I can always rely on a little laugh from your blog 🙂

  8. Christi says:

    You poor, poor thing!! On the flip side, your hair does look hawt. Go on wit yo bad self, gurrrrl.

  9. Gwen says:

    Oh shit. But I do love the color on you (of course!).

  10. Nichole says:

    Oh man, how awful that you were allergic, it was a great color on you too! I am one season behind on Mad Men; its one of the only shows both hubs and I watch together and its killing me to wait to watch season 5 for him!

  11. steffiep44 says:

    almost identical. YOu just need a push up bra!

  12. Kimberlee says:

    I get the red hair bug time to time but haven't been brave enough to do it so bravo!

  13. Jodi says:

    Oh that stinks! So sorry it didn't work out. I can't believe I had never come across your blog before b/c we do the same link ups and have many of the same readers/commenters! Too funny – I guess it is a small blog world after all.

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