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“Kudos to those who see through sickness…”

Hello my loves. It’s after  one AM and I am bouncing around like a loon. I had my infusion this morning and got the dreaded 80mg methylprednisolone premed. I gots me the steroid j-j-jitters. I also have the prednisone munchies. In a matter of five minutes, I devoured two pepperoni/cheese sticks (the inventor of them is a god in my … Continue reading

“All gave some and some gave all…”

Happy unofficial start to the summer!! It was a lovely long weekend here. I went to visit my friend Melissa, her sister Joanna, their mama who was in from Florida, and their assorted children. Megan (who recently got hitched to Rachael) was there, too. It was nice to visit with friends who I don’t get to see as often as … Continue reading

“Someone call the doctor, cause I lost my mind…”

Going to the doctor can be an unnerving experience. Even if it is just for a yearly checkup, knowing the physician could potentially find something is frightening. I know people who avoid the doctor for that very reason; the fear of learning something is wrong. Hearing that you have an incurable, chronic disease is devastating. Though you may have been … Continue reading

“My stupid mouth, has got me in trouble…”

I have this funny little habit of putting my foot in my mouth. I think I’m being hilarious, but more often than not, I end up offending someone or making myself look like an ass. Or both. Steve’s brother Dave and his wife Kelly live on the estate side of our development. They are the Farms, we are the Meadows, … Continue reading

“Purple rain…”

Happy Monday, my loves! Today is the birthday of two of my most favorite people- my Mama and Brian Steen-Brian Steen! Happy HAPPY Birthday tooooooo yooooouuuuuuu! I had one of those weekends filled with the warm fuzzies. The amount of purple love that poured in on Friday for Put On Purple Day was astounding!!! LUCK FUPUS!!!!!! The days were busy … Continue reading

“Start wearing purple for me now…”

Happy Friday, my loves! The big day is finally here! What day do you ask??? Via I Googled “songs about purple” and found this song “Start Wearing Purple,” by Gogol Bordello. Never heard of em. Apparently, the song is about some loony broad who wears purple all the time. Sounds about right. Thanks to everyone who shared my Facebook posts … Continue reading

“Nobody said it was easy…”

Hello my loves. I wanted to thank you all for the support and kind words yesterday. Nick’s funeral was surreal, and I have to be honest that it went by in daze. Even though he hasn’t been in my life for quite some time, I guess I always took for granted that he was still a part of the world. … Continue reading

“Pulled away before your time…”

Hello my loves. It’s been an emotional past few days. I learned the man I talked about in this post passed away last Friday, after an almost 3 year battle with cancer. He was 33. Nick and I were together for close to 3 years, and he was my only other true significant relationship aside from Steve (I don’t count my college … Continue reading

“I’ve got Friday on my mind…”

Happy Friday, my loves! After a few days of feeling like death warmed over, I’m finally starting to feel somewhat better. Just to do it all over again on Tuesday…. But, who’s complaining? Steve and I have plans tonight that I am very much looking forward to, and then I’m doing a whole lot of nothing. It’s like my brain … Continue reading

“But life is both a major and a minor key…”

Happy Friday Eve, my loves!!! This week has flown by, and not because I am doing anything fun or exciting. One of the medications I take, Plaquenil, causes damage to the retina of the eye. Over the past 7 months, I’ve been on a higher dose than usual while we were waiting for the infusion medication to start doing its … Continue reading

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