Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Maybe it's hard, when it feels like you're broken and scarred...

Happy Hump Day, Loves!

I have posts that I've been meaning to write, but it's been literally impossible to sit still long enough. I'm a buzzy, shaky mess in these past 2 weeks of doubling my steroids. I see McDicky again tomorrow, and I'm hopeful I can start tapering.

It's amazing how prednisone makes you feel SO good, minimal inflammation, takes away a lot of the pain, and causes terrible insomnia gives me more than enough energy to do ALL THE THINGS!!!! Yesterday I cleaned out every closet, packed up 8 bags of clothes that no longer fit and took them to Goodwill. There are going to be some stylish people this holiday season!

Last Friday, I received a call from one of the vendors at the Virtua Women's Symposium I went to with Brie a few weeks ago, that I was chosen to win a free pampering session. Looking back, now I realize it was just a ploy to get us to buy stuff (it worked), but she came to my house, set up tons of beauty products, and Brie, Carmen and I got to play makeup for a few hours. We munched on spinach dip and extra garlicy bruschetta, drank water out of fun wine glasses, gabbed and laughed our butts off, and felt girly for awhile. Much needed!!!

Speaking of girly, while reading one of my favorite beauty blogs 2 weeks ago, I got wind that Urban Decay is putting out a Naked 3 eyeshadow palate. I own both Naked and Naked 2, so obviously when it comes out, I will need Naked 3 to finish out my collection. Chanukah starts on Thanksgiving, so if anyone is looking for that perfect gift for yours truly... 


I went to Shop Rite on Monday and spent $17.94 on $53.53 worth of groceries. 

Couponing like a BOSS!

It's been two weeks since Linky Cat had his fuzzy little balls cut off, and he's still peeing everywhere. Last night he peed on Steve's "Great BALLS of Flyers!" (ahhh, the irony) shirt we got from a playoff game in 2012. He's also been drinking EVERYTHING he can get his whiskers in; I find him drinking out of the toilet, the sinks, my water glass. Diabetes came to mind, so I took him to the vet. She said he's got the classic signs of diabetes, took blood work and urine, and said hopefully we'll have answers tomorrow.  My poor guy. I LOVE my Linky!! He looks at me with that face, and I can't even get mad at him!


In lupus news, my platelets have dropped again. McDicky ordered a liver and spleen scan to see if they are the cause (my spleen could be eating up and destroying my platelets), and if that doesn't tell us anything,  I'll get a bone marrow biopsy. 

My surgery is next Tuesday, and I'm nervous and saddened what the end result will be. The final whammy of never carrying my own children. No whammy, no whammy, no whammy, STOP!!!


In terms of Black Friday shopping with Ann, this surgery is rather inconvenient. We don't go for the deals, it's just something fun we do together, sit in one of our cars in the heat with our coffee, watch all the assholes trample each other as Target opens, then mosey our way in. Target will already be open from Thanksgiving night, so we can't even watch the douche bag shuffle. Feh. Me and my pain killers will be shopping from the couch. 


And, because every Hump Day should end with this, after completely leaving him out of the pages of last year's issue, People Magazine got their shit together, and named Adam Levine The Sexiest Man Alive! It's about freaking time. The eyes, the body, the smile, the tattoos, the falsetto... I'm a sucker for tall, thinner-build guys, and People, you couldn't have chosen a better one. I have now forgiven you for that shirtless photo of Michael Bolton and his chest hair from 2012.

What a fine lookin' Jew!


  1. So I am so excited about Naked 3! I also want to mention that you did coupon like a boss, I do not possess those skills lol Good luck with your surgery!

  2. Ugh poor Linky. And poor Steve's shirt.

    Hurrah for cleaning out the closets! There's a silver lining everywhere.

    Your ladies day sounds awesome.

  3. Dang my clothes ministry at church would love you this week! Lucky Goodwill I tell ya. I hope Linky doesnt have "the sugars". Thats what they call Diabetes here in the South.
    I am a disgrace the most girly girl because i never mastered the art of putting on eyeshadow. I bought one for the wedding and a friend put it on for me. I make it up for it with eyeliner though. Dont get me wrong, i look at these Naked palettes and think ohh, ahh, but then i realize i would only be buying for decoration.
    I am praying that your surgery goes absolutely perfect and i will be there in spirit holding your hand.
    My mom and i did the same thing when i "won" my free facial. LOL, we both bought a lot of stuff.
    Happy Hump Day! xoxo

  4. Aw poor kitty, I hope he's ok!!
    When does Naked 3 come out? I heard maybe not until next year, but it'd be crazy not to put it out for the holidays.
    I'll be thinking of you during your surgery. Get in there and kick ass and then buy lots of things during your couch shopping spree.

  5. i had no idea adam wasn't even part of the line up last year, crazy.

    i could use a good pampering session. that sounds like heaven!
    i have never owned any urban decay and maybe i should change that!

  6. Poor Linky. I love the photo montage. He looks like he has some personality!
    I'll be thinking about you this week!

  7. That cover picture of Adam is glorious. I love the pampering night! Poor Linky - we had a cat with diabetes. No fun, but at least it would explain the rampant peeing.

    Good luck next week! I'll be thinking of you.

  8. there is so much in this post to comment on that I don't know where to begin!
    Poor kitty! poor mama! poor dad's shirt!
    I'll be thinking of you with the stupid surgery....and if you do need a bone marrow bx I will totally fly out there and do it for you. And give you extra Ativan ;)

  9. Wow you're a trooper! I'm also a Naked eye makeup addict.. they're awesome :) Your cat is freaking adorable and I would've preferred Justin Timberlake! I've been crushin' on him since 1998. Yum! Happy Hump Day! -Iva

  10. Hang in there!!! I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all this...I am sending you hugs and good thoughts!!! In happy news...bring on the new Naked palette!!! so crazy excited for it!! Those colors!!!!

  11. Sending you positive vibes for next Tuesday!!
    Maybe channel in on the hotness of Mr. Lavine. That face probably has some healing powers, right? :)

  12. How were things with McDicky?!
    The pampering sesh sounds great, so glad you enjoyed it!
    Poor Linky, I just want to cuddle him! Couch shopping sprees are THE BEST!
    Ohhhh Adam and his tatts totally make me swoon!
    My love and prayers are with you for your surgery Xx

  13. 8 bags of clothes?? Wow. I’d have nothing left if I did that. In fact, I would have negative clothes.  The pampering session reminds me of a time I entered a drawing at a fair for a free makeover by Mary Kay. (do they have Mary Kay where you live?) I was so excited because I never win anything, but I’m just now realizing that the lady probably booked an appt. with every person who left their name, haha. Scandal! I don’t think I ended up buying anything from her so she was probably annoyed… but I was a high school kid at the time! Naked 3 looks gorgeous! I have Naked 2 and I hardly ever use it! I feel like whenever I put it on my lids, excess shadow falls under my eyes. Does that happen to you? This is the only shadow I’ve had that problem with. Maybe it’s my brushes? So I have to hold a tissue under each eye while applying, and it’s a pain. I hope McDicky can figure things out from your liver & spleen scan so you don’t have to get a bone marrow biopsy! Don’t be nervous about Tuesday! Although I understand why you’re sad, and I’m sad for you too! I wish there was another alternative. That really blows.  Black Friday – I have NEVER participated! I guess I just don’t care about saving money enough to deal with the crazies! Although the people watching sounds fun. And Adam Levine is hot but let’s be honest, he’s no Jax Teller!!

    Happy Friday!

  14. I didn't realize your surgery was Tues. How will you be feeling for holiday celebrating? Does your family do a big Thanksgiving and Hanukkah?

    I hope that is goes well. Try not to be nervous. It is sad and scary but hopefully for the best! I'll be thinking of you and sending hugs!!!!


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