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Well, hello there. Friday is upon us once again, not only bringing us to the freakin weekend, but baby, it’s bringing us a brand new month!

It’s been a hell of a week, stressful, and each day has been longer than the next. It was one of those weeks that by Tuesday night I said “Is it Friday yet?!?!?!” I am happy it’s over. I’m extremely behind on my blog reading, the number at the top of my Bloglovin page is making me anxious, but to be honest, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to catch up. I’m human, what can I tell ya?

Guess what today is??? Oh, only my 6 year wedding anniversary. So technically, Steve and I don’t get an anniversary this year, because we were married on Leap Day. Yep, I’m weird and quirky like that. No shame in my game. So, depending on who you ask, today or tomorrow is our anniversary.

You know what I say? We celebrate ALL WEEKEND LONG, BABY.

So, in honor of the Friday 5, I am bringing you 5 of my favorite wedding photos. And of course, backin dat azz up to a little piece of the 80’s. Our wedding song was Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, the Starship classic, and only the theme to the BEST MOVIE EVER… Mannequin. You know I’m right.

Happy Anniversary Steve. I love you. Even when you won’t stop playing that stupid game on your phone.

And now, because what’s a little Friday morning without some tears of happiness? This video below was played in the middle of our reception. We had NO idea our videographer was planning on doing this, Steve and I were basically the first couple in the Philadelphia area to have a video like this. It made it to a ton of local wedding blog/websites…. we started a trend. OK, our videographer did, but we were the subjects.  Grab the tissues, watch the video, then jam out to some Starship.

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by Jefferson Starship on Grooveshark

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  1. Happy anniversary! Love the video and that you can listen to your vows over and over!! Everything about you and your wedding looked beautiful!
    Eva Marie

  2. Syndal says:

    YESSS Dashboard on your vid!!! They're my emo band to the core.
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. happy anniversary! beautiful pictures, M; you guys look stunning.xoxoxo

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  4. Rachel says:

    Love all these! happy anniversary!

  5. I just sent this song to my parents and said it reminded me of them. Love that song. Happy anniversary. Do it up crazy in love this weekend! PS: can't get the video to open on my phone. Bummers.

  6. I love that you got married on Leap Day, such a unique day to do anything significant!

    Mannequin was a great movie! Now I want to watch it.

  7. AwesomelyOZ says:

    HAPPY 6TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! 🙂 How awesome love 🙂 Love your wedding video how beautiful – you looked amazing on your wedding day! 🙂 what big plans do you guys have? Haha that song is great, bring it back! Hope you guys share a wonderful 6th anniversary love, especially with the heck of a ride you two have been through! Have a great one lovely MJ! -Iva

  8. happy anniversary love birds!!

  9. Kenya says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! awww Steve looks so happy in this video (you too of course) you weren't lying when you said he and Dave looked similarly, deliriously happy 🙂

  11. Happy Anniversary! Love the video , that's one to treasure for sure! confession: I literally just marked all as read on bloglovin after a long week too lol

  12. Steph G says:

    Happy anniversary. I LOVE watching wedding videos… ironic because we didn't have one. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend celebrating!

  13. Stephanie says:

    Yay!! Happy anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary. Totally tearing up to the video 🙂 Just lovely.

  15. Ummm can yall write my vows for me? !

    • MarlaJan says:

      Lol, we actually didn't write them, can't take credit. The woman who married us wrote everything after she met with us a few times. We helped in the process, and told her what we wanted, but, she did all the writing!

  16. Alyssa Whitt says:

    The setup for your ceremony was gorgeous!
    And great song. We walked BACK down the aisle to that after they announced us.
    Happy Anniversary, dear!

  17. Love how you had everyone around you in the circle for your wedding ceremony. So great! Happy anniversary!!

  18. Savanna says:

    Congratulations on 6 years! Lovely photos!

  19. holli says:

    Oh my gosh!!! That was so FANTASTIC! I got all teary -eyed and then watched it again.
    Happy Anniversary sweet Marla and Stephen! Hope you have an amazing anniversary weekend. Big hugs!

  20. Happy anniversary to you and yo' man! 😀

  21. Night Owl says:

    happy anniversary. I love the video and my fave part of it is the vows.

    come join the blog hop challenge.

  22. Cheriese says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Celebrating all weekend is definitely necessary!! I love that you were married on Leap Day, that is super special! You are a stunner, and your dress is just WOW!
    Congratulations 🙂 And happy March!! xx

  23. Hi!!!! I just found your blog from another one I was reading 🙂 Happy I did! Happy Anniversary to you and Steve!!!

    I just wanted to say hi as your newest follower. I hope you'll come by my blog and follow along with me and my little family in south FL.


    The McGuire Family

  24. Happy Anniversary Marla! You make a very beautiful bride! And being married on Feb 29th? Thats justoutright super special!!

    • MarlaJan says:

      Thank you so much! I had quite a team working on me to make sure I was a beautiful bride. Hahahaha! Sometimes I get weird looks when I tell people we were married on Leap Day, but, as I said, I'm weird and quirky. Plus, it makes the day super special for us! <3

  25. Happy anniversary MJ!! That video was so sweet! You're precious! Don't feel bad about your blog feed. That's where mine is too! It's pretty embarrassing. #badblogger

  26. Happy Anniversary!!!! Where did y'all get married it looks beautiful! I can't watch the video till I get home….stupid work blocks everything…it's probably a good thing to wait till later because I always cry over wedding videos they are so sweet! xoxoxo

  27. SO. MANY. TEARS, That video was so sweet, and every single aspect of your wedding was stunning! Happy anniversary 🙂

  28. So angry that I can't see this video while at work, I want to cry tears of happiness (awkwardly at my desk!!!!!) You looked absolutely radiant Marla, happy 6 years!!!!

    • MarlaJan says:

      I'm so behind on commenting to the no-reply bloggers. I guess since you're WP, it comes up as No-reply. Anywhooo. Thank you, thank you! It's crazy how fast this time flew by, I imagine the next 6 will be even faster! <3

  29. Caitlin says:

    Happy anniversary guys! Hope it was an awesome weekend 🙂 <3

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