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Hey hey, bitches!

As I write this, a bartender on Bar Rescue just told another one to “eat a dick.” All class, baby.

Have you adjusted to losing an hour from your precious weekend? Steve and I didn’t get to celebrate his birthday the way we had planned, I was bummed, but that’s the way the chemo crumbles.

Last Thursday was infusion número dos at McDicky’s office, the heated seat was calling my name. I get pre-medicated with a huge dose of IV steroids, Benedryl, and Zofran. There was a note from McDicky in my chart for the nurses to not administer any, but to have Benedryl on stand by. His rationale was why give me extra meds if I don’t need them?  You can imagine my nerves, but the nurses had it drawn up ready to go.

Usually I’m all

from the Benedryl, and it was nice to have a clear head for a change. I took a most unflattering selfie wearing my WEGO Health finalist button. Because I’m cool like that.

Due to the massive dose of steroids, I always feel good the weekend after my infusion, good enough to go out and do stuff (100mg solumedrol = 90 billion bottles of 5 Hour Energy), and it isn’t until Sunday that I feel it catch up to me. Unless I don’t get said massive dose of steroids, and then I am slammed with nausea/fatigue I was not at all prepared for. What sucks even harder is when you realize at 3:45 on Friday afternoon that there are no more refills on your Zofran.

We had to cancel our dinner plans for Steve’s birthday on Saturday night. Balls.

Tuesday morning finds me still nauseas, but with a full bottle of Zofran. And that’s all I got.



  1. that sucks, M. i really hope that it passes and you're able to celebrate steve's bday soon. and i hope that bitchass nausea goes away fast!

    kissy kissy xoxoxox

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Oh that sucks balls – zofran is the shit because it makes me drowsy. That's what I was given at the hospital when they administered antibiotics. Clindamycin sucks donkey nuts. They gave me another one (not sure if it was Phenergan) since they were out of Zofran – yo shit knocked me out instantaneously!! It was scary as balls lol Sorry you're nauseated it is soo awful!!! Do you find the treatments are working? Hope you're feeling OK love <3 -Iva

  3. Joey says:

    Oh sweet girl…I hate that you were so knocked down this time. I don't have any clue how you functioned through the weekend without your zofran. If it weren't illegal-I would have overnighted the rest of mine to you! That stuff definitely works–at least it did for me! I hope you're feeling a wee bit better today! <3

  4. ugh so sorry about the nausea. that's absolutely awful.

  5. feel better lovey!!!!

  6. holli says:

    Oh hon i HATE hearing that you had a sucky nauseating weekend. You can make it up to Steve and celebrate another time. I dont think guys put as much emphasis on them like we do. Big hugs! Oh and that wego button is just so small. Maybe they can make you a bigger one. hahahaha

  7. Booooo I hope the nausea goes away, it's one of the worst feelings in the world!

  8. Caitlin says:

    Ugh ugh ugh. I'm sorry you feel so awful. When I was little on chemo, it was 1990 and either they didn't have anti-nausea medications or I was too little to get them so I just puked ALL the time. It's just about the only thing I remember from the whole experience.

    Funny story to (maybe?) brighten your day: A close friend of mine had breast cancer (stay with me, haha) and was on a ton of medications for pain, anti-nausea, etc. She was allergic to most pain meds (like vicodin) so they just sat in there. She lived in a condo building where basically everyone else was 60+ and in our state there are a lot of problems with drug addicts breaking in and stealing old people's meds. We were telling her that if anyone cased their building, she'd be totally safe since they'd assume the old people had all the drugs…but if they came into her bathroom and opened the medicine cabinets the angels would sing. So maybe it's not that funny but it made us all laugh, and since I suspect you and I share a sense of humor I thought you'd get a kick out of it too 🙂

  9. Steph G says:

    I hope it passes soon and you guys will get to have a special birthday celebration!!! And that button is pretty epic. I didn't remember it looking so tiny in the pictures.

  10. Sorry it knocked you this time, and I'm hoping you rainchecked that dinner. I'm all about food. And eating it. Especially when someone else cooked 🙂

  11. Feel better! And wear that button with pride 🙂

  12. Brie Latini says:

    Thank you again for hosting us on Sunday even though you felt like ass!!! It was such a nice morning!!! Also, who on earth is the blonde girl in that gif??

    I got kicked in the balls by a mule once…

  13. Savanna says:

    UGH! Sucky, I do love me some zofran though, it's the only way I made it with my second pregnancy and I totally saved the rest for rainy days!

  14. Gwen says:

    Zofran was my best friend over the weekend. I'm lucky to have a doctor friend to call that shit in for me.

    The great thing about celebrating the birthday month, a la Steph, is that if you can't do something ON the day, it's all good!

  15. Zofran is magic.

    I'm sorry you got kicked in your balls by the exhaustion and nausea. They're such dicks.

    Happy belated to Steve, tell him he should celebrate all month! Then the canceled dinner becomes one lost opportunity instead of the lost opportunity.

  16. Hope you feel better soon… like really soon! Or at least able to celebrate for a couple hours… although watching Bar Rescue marathons on the couch is fun too.

  17. Carly says:

    So does the Benadryl work for nausea? The Zofran was great for my constant nausea during the 1st trimester, but was the fucking worst for constipation. Holy shit (literally).

  18. Jodi says:

    I hope your new doctor finds your blog. Hahaha!!!! So I remember he increased your steroids but what is the chemo for? I'm sure you told us but I forget. Sorry you weren't feeling well. Sending hugs!

  19. I'm sorry you're feeling yucky. 🙁 Nausea is an awful feeling. I hope you guys get to celebrate soon!!!

  20. Cheriese says:

    Ugh, hope you feel better soon my dear!
    Question: How do you find such appropriate gifs for your posts? I barely know what to search for! Xx

  21. Ugh, so sorry sweetie. That really sucks and sounds terrible! I hope you get to feeling much better!!
    Eva Marie Taylor"

  22. Zofran was my saving grace during chemo so I FEEL you (and the lack of energy is so debilitating.) Fight on Marla, Steve understands and you are a force Lupus cannot reckon with xo

  23. Rachael says:

    Oh no!! That sucks, I'm sorry you feel like balls and that you had to cancel the bday plans. No bueno. 🙁 I hope the nausea wears off soon! Xoxo

  24. ugh, I'm sorry friend! Steroid crash is literally the worst hangover in all of existence.You'r doctor sounds like such a caring individual, almost as sweet as mine . Hope you start feeling better soon . I have found that the sublingual zofran works a trillion times better than the po zofran , not sure if you've tried it yet but it may be worth the switch.

  25. Angi Solle says:

    So sorry you are feeling nauseas! I hope you guys can make up your celebration soon! That is probably the biggest pin I've ever seen btw!

  26. Hoping you have a fast recovery!! Nausea's not fun at all!

  27. ~Dawn~ says:

    When my brother had chemo, Zofran was his best bud. I hear it works wonders… Glad it helps you; sorry your birthday dinner plans were nixed. Have a better weekend! And I just saw your "emetics" comment. Now I know where "Emetrol" came from! Woohoo…

  28. i just found ur blog – i can't wait to follow your story! – i wish you the very best, i know what it's like to fight!!!

    PS _ i have a GIVEAWAY going on – if your interested love for you to stop by .. pass on the good karma :o)

  29. Brass Honey says:

    MJ! It will stick and I love it. I just found your blog via Helene in Between. So happy to e-meet you. I can't begin to imagine what you have on your plate right now. You're a real inspiration and I look forward to spending more time around these parts getting to know you better. Have a happy day my friend.

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