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Two posts in a row. Can you freaking believe it? Maybe it’s some weird Friday the 13th ritual.

The journey starting from pulling out of my driveway and finally turning back into my driveway after seeing McDicky was over 5 hours. Yep, 5 hours.

That’s the price to pay for a good rheumatologist. Although, he really needs to make sure his Wifi is working, because it’s agonizing sitting there for that long with no Wifi.

Yeah, yeah, first world problems.

He finally comes in, we talk, he looks at my library of rash photos, checks out my joints, my thinning hair, goes to my chart to see the results of my blood work, and I exclaimed…

Guess what?!? I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!

Turns out I was wrong. The only prescription is more steroids. For the next two weeks I will be taking 4 times my current dose, so it will be 16mg of medrol (the equivalent of 20mg prednisone) a day, and I’ll increase my oral chemo. In two weeks I’ll restart my infusion, and can taper the steroids.

Why can’t the prescription be three shots of whiskey and an intense, sweaty night with Adam Levine? Or Charlie Hunnam if Adam’s busy?

I finally just lost the 50 pounds of steroid weight, fitting into my size 0 jeans and I have to increase the fat pills steroids. Blasphemy. The struggle is real, folks.

So yes, my lupus is indeed flaring. Why, no one knows. Perhaps it was jealous of all the attention my boobs were getting.

MarlaJan: So, I have a rash on my right breast, and my plastic surgeon has completely ruled out that it is not an infection. She even put me on antibiotics to put everyone at ease. Do you want to take a look and make sure lupus isn’t trying to eat this tissue expander?
McDicky: (taken aback) Sure….
YoursTruly: Oh c’mon, I’ve had 4 heart surgeries, a double mastectomy, and I worked at Hooters in college. I’m pretty sure the entire free world has seen at least some portion of my boobs. We’re all medical professionals here! (rips down shirt)

It was his lucky day if you ask me.

The rash looks exactly like the rest of the rashes on my body, so McDicky’s expert opinion calls lupus. No concern that it was eating the tissue expander, it just seems to be another place on my body where the rash landed.

More steroids for 2 weeks. I’m going to be a puffy, hangry, hairy, manic, crazy insomniac.

True story.

Bring it, bitch.

While I was writing this my dad called to check in. I can tell my mom a lot, but I am a Daddy’s Girl. You know, my voice goes up 3 octaves when we talk… “Hi Daddy!”

He said he read my blog, and wished he could take the pain and go for my infusions if he could. As I held back tears, I reminded him he’s been through enough.

MarlaJan: Daddy, I think you’ve endured plenty. We’re Wexler’s, we got this!
Daddy: You know when I tell people what I’ve been through, they don’t believe me. Heart attack, debilitating asthma, prostate cancer, Chronic lymphocytic leukemia…”
MarlaJan: What the fuck is wrong with our gene pool?!?!?!

We laugh and talk about everything our family has survived, and try to figure out who exactly fucked up our gene pool.

So, as I begrudgingly take my increased dose of steroids for the next two weeks, I just have to remember that I’m a Wexler. Being a warrior is in my genes.

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  1. I literally spit out my eggs from laughing so hard at your interaction with McDicky. it's good to have you back my friend!

  2. Tia @ HoPo says:

    Oh hey there lady! So glad to see you back on blogland this week. I feel your pain (somewhat) with the baby thing. Our genetic issues weren't something we thought would ever be an issue but here we are…..saving away for an "eventual baby" if ever. Hell, by the time the money is together we may just buy a condo in Florida and say to hell with the struggle! I'm always thinking about you lady. Keep it real.

  3. Boobs. Rashes. Steroids. All in a day's work for you. I hope this course of steroids knocks the flare out and you can get back to business as usual for you.

    How can McD not have wifi? Seriously. You need to bring a book.

  4. When you write about your doctor visits it cracks me up! When you see a doctor pretty regularly the interactions are always pretty entertaining! I love the relationship you share with your father. It makes me happy when I read it…also, the labels for your post are hilarious! emotional ebola is my favorite!

  5. Joey says:

    "Being a warrior is in my genes." Yes, ma'am it is. I am always in awe of your attitude and ability to joke. So many prayers, sweet friend.

  6. The doctor boob story was the best, it's just a boob doc get over yourself.

    Sending lots of love as always!!!

  7. love having your blogging back! sorry to hear you have to take so many more steroids, but, like you said, you are a warrior!

  8. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Productivity at its' finest right? I used to live in Florida with my aunts family and we would ride to work together and come home together. Days that were more challenging than the others, we'd laugh and she's joke that we must have killed Jesus in a past life and are still paying for it. So who did you or your family kill in a past life? Lol. Hope the next few weeks go by smoothly love and that things get better with Dr. McDicky's guidance.. Nikkuh better step up his GAME! Take care Lovely MJ!!! have a wonderful weekend chicka -Iva

  9. I love reading your posts you crack me up so much!! Boooo to being back on the steroids but hooray for losing 50lbs prior! That is so impressive!!!!!!

  10. aww dads!! And woof to more steroids ):

  11. Lisa Ehrman says:

    You have a great sense of humor! Hope you can whip this flare soon 🙂

  12. Rachael says:

    Aww your Dad sounds so sweet!! you go, team Wexler!!

    And i have to say, I'm shocked that you would choose a steamy night with Adam over Charlie. Must be a typo or something due to the roids??

    Either way, I hope you can taper off those suckers ASAP!!! Xoxo

  13. Christine says:

    This too shall pass my friend. You're a warrior. And also my hero! You keep getting knocked down, but you always get back up. That's the important part! Love you chickadee!

  14. Kay R. says:

    You crack me up and you convo with McDicky and with your dad was hilarious. Sucks about the increase steroids but I hope it kicks the flare's ass and gives you some ease!

  15. "Why can't the prescription be three shots of whiskey and an intense, sweaty night with Adam Levine? Or Charlie Hunnam if Adam's busy?" What about both? 😉

  16. Caitlin A says:

    I imagine it's a ton of fun being your doctor. You are awesome.

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