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What you gon’ do wit all that breast?

Big shocker, I failed the blog challenge. I have no discipline, it’s a wonder that I even bother. I was going strong for three, read it, THREE days in a row, and then I ran out of gas. Actually, it was really nice out last Saturday, and I went to go visit my friend Melissa. And then Easter, and then a death in the family, and then I just…. gave… up.

Sigh…. moving right along.

When I had my double mastectomy on December 1st, the plan was to go ahead with the second surgery in the middle to end of March. As you know, plans changed and I developed a seroma and severe infection. I wouldn’t wish that week in the hospital over new year’s on anyone. Saying it was awful is an understatement, and mind you, I don’t remember huge chunks of that week due to being so sick.

As confident as I was going forward with the mastectomy, nothing prepared me for the emotional roller coaster I’ve been riding on these past few months. Not that I expected someone to sit me down and say, “now Marla, cutting off your breasts is going to very scary and emotional,” because, duh, that’s a given. Perhaps I figured since I didn’t actually have cancer, nor have to endure any treatments after, that the entire process would be easier.

Guess what, it wasn’t.

I remember my first post-operative dressing change in the hospital, looking down and being shocked… why aren’t the expanders expanding? Did someone mess up? Where were my breasts?

In my Dilaudid- PCA haze, I lost it and cried my eyes out. The fellow doing the dressing change was sweet, but he was clearly not at all prepared to deal with my emotions and tears at 6am when he more than likely had at least another 20 patients to see before rounds.

Despite tons of tears, bottles of pain meds, a few setbacks, physical therapy, more tears, resorting to herbal remedies (we will leave it at that) to help with pain and insomnia, and a few more tears, there is finally light at the end of this tunnel.

Last Thursday, Steve and I went to the plastic surgeon to sign the consents for surgery to have the tissue expanders swapped out for permanent implants. I have a date!!!

April 21, 2015 is….
Titty Tuesday
Mark your calendars!
(   .   )(   .   )

Exam room selfie
One week from today, I will finally get relief from these tissue expanders, and Dr Fahey has assured me I will feel so much better after the switcheroo!

Love you all! <3

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  1. Dawn L says:

    OMG! Titty Tuesday! I'm marking it down… as requested.

  2. Rachel says:

    HAH love Titty Tuesday!! Your so strong!

  3. MolleesMommy says:

    I love your blog! It makes me smile every time. You are so inspiring! I think titty Tuesday should be a national holiday. Congratulations on your future "sweater meats" 🙂

  4. Stephanie says:

    Titty Tuesday! Amazing. Good luck, so glad it's just 1 week away!

  5. Woop!!! Tittayyy Tuesdayyyy!!!!!!

  6. Colleen says:

    I love yoh and you are beautimus. 🙂 <3

  7. Through ALL of your stuff, you have been amazing. Two perfect nice-sized firm ones will be yours very soon. Godspeed to Steve and Goddess speed to you. All the positive energy in the universe forever.
    Love, SMD's Momma

  8. Rachael says:

    Yay, just one week away from your new boobies!! That is exciting!! You are so brave, lady!

    PS you look gorgeous in that hospital pic. Seriously!!

  9. Erin Kelly says:

    You look gorgeous.

  10. Alyssa Whitt says:

    Woo hoo! Yay for Hooters!! And you look really pretty in your exam room selfie.

  11. oh man, I'm sorry you'cve had to go through so much pain.. it's just not fair. fingers crossed it goes well and yay for april 21!

  12. Rachel says:

    Yay titty Tuesday! Hoping it all goes smoothly for you!

  13. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Woohoo!!! Congrats kiddo – I can't even imagine all the shit you're going through. Sorry to hear about the loss in your family and hope everything is OK.. Marked my calendar because momma has bad memory. 😛 Hang in there, almost there at the finish line chicka! Take Care MJ! <3 -Iva

  14. Sarah says:

    Best. Blog. Title. EVER.

    Seriously. Mic drop that ish because there is no way anybody could ever do any better.

  15. Caitlin says:

    Whatcha gonna do with all that breast, all that breast inside yo' chest?

    Now that song is in my head.

    And yayyyy for Tits McGee Tuesday! <3

  16. Jodi says:

    That is great news! I'm so glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you will hopefully feel much better once you get through this. What a crazy couple of months it has been for you. How the heck would you be able to blog everyday on top of all that. Plus you do better w/ just writing what is on your mind then sticking to those topics! Haha! Good luck w/ surgery! I'll be thinking of you and hoping for no issues!

  17. Joey says:

    Titty Tuesday is now my favorite day ever!!!!! Friend, I say this every time. And I fear the words are turning numb. But you are such a special gift. A kind of woman most of us can only hope to be. I just want to squeeze your neck (in a hugging fashion, of course. I won't choke you out. Not intentionally, anyway). <3

  18. Whoohoo!! Can't wait to see your new breasticles! 🙂

  19. holli says:

    Boobies!!!!! Yay for Boobies!!! love you!!

  20. Brandi says:

    Yay for boobies that won't try to kill you!!!

    I was at a winery a couple of weekends ago and I saw the little wine holder sling thing that you had your bags in and totally thought of you! Now you can use them for wine!

    So during your recovery if you get bored, I've decided to start a YouTube channel. I have told almost no one about it (way to get the word out there Brandi) so if you wanna watch, please do!

    Good luck lady!!

  21. this is going to sound odd but this is one of my favorite pics of you. not that you'll need it but good luck next Tuesday!!! I'll be thinking of you all day!

  22. Hope everything goes smoothly and having boobs that don't hurt is a good thing! Stay strong!

  23. I'm sorry I just busted out laughing. Only you can make a situation that is so tough more bearable by your humor. Looking forward to your Titty Tuesday girl!

  24. Flmgodog says:

    Hoping for a positive Titty Tuesday (does that sound creepy?)! Good luck on the 21st. You are awesome!!!

  25. Kay R. says:

    Yay for Titty Tuesday. You are hilarious!

  26. I am so happy for you! I have been MIA for awhile but I am so thankful you have had your surgery and I am looking forward to an update!

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