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Even with my three nursing degrees and wealth of reputable medical knowledge, I consider myself to be a graduate of the Google University School of Medicine. Oh, you know many graduates of the prestigious school; we are the ones who say “I know what that rash is, I Googled it.” “You better see the doctor for that, Google said it could lead to leprosy.”

Isn’t it crazy how we can type hangnail into the Google search bar, and somehow find an article leading us to believe we have an inoperable brain tumor? With an array of information literally at our fingers tips, it’s damn near impossible to be able to sort the credible material from the not-so credible material. For the average person with no type of medical/healthcare training, reading articles from Google Scholar and Med-Pub can be difficult to read because of the medical jargon. There has to be a place with reputable, yet understandable information.

Step aside Google, MedNexus has entered the building.

MedNexus is a website I would send those to who have questions about lupus. The information is concise, easy to understand, and fills in the holes between less reliable information and medical journals.


The website was originally started as a tool for physicians to find information on diseases and their treatments; now, MedNexus has broadened their reach, and is now available for patients.

I did a search on lupus and was impressed with how the information was compiled and sorted. At the top of the page was general information on SLE and as I scrolled down was a section of material from health websites (i.e., WebMD, MedlinePlus, etc..), a section of published research articles, current clinical trials, and discussion board forums.


MedNexus takes out the guesswork of combing through quality vs quantity, by providing search results of the top quality articles. The website is still a work in progress, and would appreciate feedback from patients on how they can improve the site to continue to bring the most relevant data to patients.

Stop by MedNexus and get your learn on!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and bad jokes are my own.



  1. Thanks for the link. I noticed that fibro was on the front page as a link and seems to be getting more recognition. Cath xx

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