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Nimble, the one finger package opener

Chronic illnesses suck. Yep, there I said it. Every morning I wake up with aches and pains that I never thought I’d be dealing with until I was well into my seventies. And as my achy ass trudges down into the kitchen every morning, bleary eyed, hands throbbing, I stumble to the Keurig to make some liquid gold (read: coffee). As I wait for that caffeinated deliciousness to finish brewing, I start the daunting task of opening my medication bottles. While I understand the need for child-proof lids, more often than not, the act of opening my meds deems itself more difficult than anything Ethan Hunt had to break into in Mission: Impossible. 

I’d have some breakfast, take my pills, and drink coffee; Some days, that’s the most I can do, and I’d park on the couch for the rest of the day, or find the strength to go back upstairs to bed, where my husband would find me in the exact place I am in when he left for work some 12 hours earlier. Welcome to the chronic illness life.

I’m certain the advent of Amazon Prime was for those with chronic illnesses who need to run a household, yet can’t leave always leave the house. It was like Target, without the fun of actually being in Target. Amazon Prime changed my life for the better, as I was able to order anything and everything from the comfort of my memory foam mattress.

As the packages arrived, I realized opening the boxes was going to be another arduous task. More often than not, I’d risk hurting myself or damaging my goods with knives and scissors while trying to get the damn boxes open. Or, I’d have to wait til my husband arrived home and make him do all the opening.

When I was asked to review a product to ease the burden of opening packages, I said why not? Expectations weren’t very high, but I had nothing to lose. It’s always nice to be surprised.

So when Nimble, the one finger package opener, arrived in my mailbox, I laughed. How the hell would this contraption, which resembled the yellow ghost from Pac Man, make opening packages easier? Where was the sharp blade?


Skeptical at best, I got to opening all the things. And, I must give props where props are due, because this Nimble worked like magic. I was able to effortlessly get through packing tape on some delivered boxes, the plastic wrap around a box of Matzo, and pretty much anything I could find in the house that needed opening.

Not only was this perfect for me with my lupus joint issues, I thought it would be a great tool for my mom, who has Parkinson’s Disease, and I will be sending her the other I received.

The company of Nimble has launched a Kickstarter campaign today. Unfamiliar with Kickstarter? You pledge money (any amount) and in return you receive a Nimble product. You won’t be charged unless the company reaches their goal. You should expect that it may take awhile to receive your Nimble, as production doesn’t begin until the end of the campaign. The only way to receive this awesome product is through their Kickstarter (click here), and early birds will receive additional discounts!

Happy Package Opening!

This is a sponsored post. I was provided the product in exchange for honest review, and I have been compensated for my time through the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. All my opinions (and jokes) are my own, and I was in no way influenced by Version22 Designs or Chronic Bloggers Network.


  1. Whitney says:

    Ok this actually looks really cool…and I have no joint issues! Might have to support this campaign and send one of these to mom.

  2. Syn says:

    I need this badly, not only is my strength down, it’s next to impossible for me to heal from scrapes and cuts (stupid Dexamethasone). I’ve have totally been a couch troll for a better part of the past four years, and no I don’t know why my boyfriend puts up with it.

    Hilariously though we have amazon prime, we were added to someone else’s account, but we have no idea who this good samaritan is. Prime = sanily,

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