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I know, I know, several weeks between posts is terrible. I’ve been going through a lot personally, and the blog of mine has been on the back burner. I’m OK, and sorry to be vague, just dealing with some tough stuff… I’ll bounce back as always.

On a happy note, I’ve FINALLY graduated to seeing the Physician’s Assistant at McDicky’s office. After three years of seeing that jack hole (read: best doctor ever), I’m stable enough to no longer be under his watchful eye every 4 weeks. To me, this is a big deal, and a looooooong time coming, I felt like I should have worn a cap and gown on my last visit with him. I’m still continuing my infusion every 4 weeks, but I see the PA now every 6 weeks, and hopefully soon, every 8 weeks! Baby steps, but it’ll take it.

I’ve been a busy bee attending numerous conferences the last few months, and there are many in the near future. I’ve met so many patients willing to share his or her story, and so many within the healthcare industry who really do wish to see a change. It’s been inspiring and makes me hopeful for the immediate years to come.

I joined a group called Chronic Illness Bloggers, who are, duh, a bunch of bloggers with chronic illnesses. Being in this group has allowed me to network with other bloggers who I probably wouldn’t have otherwise connected with, and it has brought opportunities to work with different companies. Now and then you may see a sponsored post (there will be one on the 18th), and I don’t want you all to think I’ve jumped over to the dark side. First and foremost, I am here to share my story and advocate for patients. But, if given the chance to try a product or review a website, if I feel it will be beneficial to myself and my readers, then I’m going to!

Sorry this is so brief.

Love you all <3


  1. Kelli says:

    Boo to unhappy personal things but yayy for happy health, conference, and blog related things.

    • luckfupus says:

      It’s been a tough few weeks, but I think I’ll slowly heal over time. A big trip is coming up in a few weeks, and it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. I know I suck at blog reading, but I’m always following along on FB… and I feel that’s a more in depth look in your life anyway! <3 <3

  2. Whitney says:


    I’m so glad to see you around the interwebs. I hope everything gets better soon with the personal stuff. As far as the sponsored content, girl do you!!!!!!

  3. Syn says:

    I totally understand dropping off the face of the earth . . . I have this very bad habit of continuing to come up with ideas for posts in my head, and then feeling really guilty when I don’t have the energy to write them. I’ve sadly learned to stop promising results, and just let it ride.

    It gets to a point where you can only tolerate so much change, and still keep up with life. I hope the personal stuff evens out, unexpected drama while deal with chronic BS is never fun. Pacing ourselves is already hard enough, it’s even harder when our support network is not something that we can reliably lean into.

    When I returned to work last week I realized what a cranky B I had been due to our team having growing pains before I left for surgery. Bad me was very hard on one of our nurses :O , and when I returned I felt awful. Thankfully she accepted my apology and hug 🙂

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