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PSA- Purple Service Announcement

Hey kids! In cased you missed it on the 9 million other posts I’ve put on the interwebs over the last few days, Friday, May 20th is Put On Purple Day for Lupus Awareness!

Put On Purple!

Put On Purple!

Dig through your drawers and find something purple to wear. Paint your nails plum. Wear purple panties. Have your kids’ orthodontist put purple rubber bands on their braces (they still do that, right?). Dye your hair lavender. Rock some orchid colored lipstick or eyeliner. Or both!

However you choose to wear it, Put On Purple and join the cool kids. Be sure to tag me on Twitter and/or Instagram @marlajan or post it to the Luck Fupus Facebook page using hashtags #luckfupus #pop #lupus

Love you all <3



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