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Hi my loves,

I’m gonna come right out with it; today is my 9 year wedding anniversary. Not that I could ever forget, but, Facebook has been reminding me alllll this week. I didn’t sleep last night (despite Ambien), my mind racing with all the feels. Obviously one sleepless night doesn’t explain my almost 2 month hiatus from this blog of mine, but I deserve a free pass.

Going through the motions of you-take-this-but-I-want-that, hearing from someone what I’m entitled to, putting our dream home up for sale, missing my in-laws (Yes, I was blessed with incredible in-laws), having a divorce lawyer (regardless of how cute he may be), – it sucks. It blows. It’s dumb. It’s fucking stupid. I’ve read so many articles over the years claiming divorce is one of the most stressful processes a person can go through.

Yep. Psychologists were right. Starting over is scary. Swiping left and right got old REAL fast. I’m exhausted. My brain hurts. Sometimes I want to just sit in a ball on my blue couch stuffing my pie-hole with Cheez-Its, and not get up until it’s over.

Disclaimer- As I write this, there is a box of Cheez-Its within arm’s reach on my coffee table.


I’m grateful that tomorrow starts “conference season,” and the next 6-7 weeks are booked with speaking engagements and traveling. It’s a much needed distraction from my reeling mind. It helps that I’ve found something I’m passionate about, and that still allows me to make my mark in the medical world.

March 2-3 Patients As Partners

March 13-15 Coalition for Compassionate Care of California Palliative Care Summit

March 20-21 eXl Patient Adherence & Access Summit KEYNOTE SPEAKER!! BOOOOOOYAH!

April 4 Ilex Health 2017

April 19-21 Eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2017

April 22-23 MedX ED 2017

There are a few other events in the works, but nothing set in stone just yet. And I’m haphazardly working on my book.. we’ll see how that goes.

I do have a few updates medical-wise, but that’s a story for another day.

Oh, by the way, that box of Cheez-Its within arm’s reach?

It’s empty.

Love you all


  1. Jennie says:

    I can’t imagine the whirl of emotions you are going through. I joke I wish I could make an “easy pill” to help get through the hard time and make life a little easier. Xox
    As far as all of your conferences, and being a key note speaker CONGRATULATIONS! I hope it brings some variety to the daily routine to have something fun to look forward to!
    And do tell about YOUR BOOK!! Is it an advocacy book, or more personal with your loved sarcastic humor or a combo of both!

  2. All the love to you. What a time.

  3. Holli says:

    And you will continue to handle all lifes lemons thrown at you and make spiked lemonade!!
    I adore you girlie and anytime you have a conference in Dallas you better take it. xoxox

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  5. MarlaJan
    We are looking forward to seeing you soon! Find me for a cup of tea if you have time at CCCC Summit. My heart aches that you are going through this challenging time. I hope we might provide some distraction, some comfort and many chances to connect with old friends and new.

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