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Patient Advocacy & Public Speaking

Speaking Engagements

  1. 2016 MM&M Transforming Healthcare Conference New York, NY (Panelist)
  2. 2016 Jack M Barrack Hewbrew Academy Human Rights Conference (Speaker)
  3. 2015 Flip the Clinic Summit Denver, CO (Flip #72 creator, Team Leader, Speaker)
  4. 2015 eXl ePatient Connections Conference Philadelphia, PA (Speaker)
  5. 2015 MM&M Transforming Healthcare Conference New York, NY (Panelist)- The Patient View on Transformation: Empathy, Education and Empowerment
  6. 2015 NJ Life Sciences (EY) & Health Care Summit Princeton, NJ (Panelist)- How Patient Engagement Influences Outcomes in a Consumer Driven World
  7. 2015 Incyte Polycythemia vera Social Media Patient Leader Advisory Board New York, NY (Speaker/social media expert)- Patient Advocacy in Social Media: Learning From Best Practices
  8. 2015 Cadient Group (Speaker)- invited to speak to the company about living with multiple chronic illnesses, social media, and patient centricity
  9. 2015-2011 The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA (Speaker)- Heart and Mind Day
  10. 2014 eXl Patient Connections Conference Philadelphia, PA (Roundtable leader)
  11. 2014 Business Development Institute’s Patient Engagement: The Future of Healthcare Communications Summit & Roundtables New York, NY (Panelist)- Painting the Starting Line Together: How Industry & Patients Must Partner To Define Engagement Goals
  12. 2014 Artcraft Health (Speaker)- invited to speak at annual company meeting about living with multiple chronic illnesses


  1. 2016 Standford Medicine X Stanford, CA (Precision Medicine & Research ePatient Scholar)
  2. 2016 Adult Congenital Heart Defect 8th Annual Conference Orlando, FL
  3. 2016 Compassionate Care Coalition of CA Design Thinking Workshop Sacramento, PA (ePatient Scholar)
  4. 2016 Compassionate Care Coalition of California Annual Summit Newport, CA (ePatient Scholar)
  5. 2016 Health Datapalooza Washington, DC (ePatient Scholar)
  6. 2016 Patients as Partners Conference, Philadelphia, PA (ePatient Scholar)
  7. 2016 ePharma Summit New York, NY (social media reporter for WEGO Health)

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