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We live in a digital age where we can put any symptom we are experiencing into Dr. Google, and are led to believe we have a brain tumor.

Tennis elbow? Brain tumor…

Headache? Brain tumor…

Hammer tow? Brain tumor…

I’m not at all downplaying the seriousness of brain tumors (obviously!), but the point I’m trying to make is that there’s an unlimited amount of data out there, and because of that, finding reputable information on a given topic may sometimes be rather difficult.

Here at Luck Fupus, I always strive to provide you with relevant information. Leave it to  me to do the dirty work of sorting through ALL THE THINGS!

And with that, I bring you some of my favorite websites and lupus blogs that offer the most up-to-date news regarding all things lupus. I’ll also list some of my favorite lupus blogs not only due to their great content, but because these bloggers share each of their unique stories with how they live with this horrific disease.




Lupus Foundation of America

Alliance for Lupus Research

Lupus Research Institute

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