You can reach out on any of my social media platforms, but, emailing is the most efficient way to contact me.


Speaking, educating, inspiring, advocating and sharing my story is what I do best!


Looking for a speaker for your event who has perspective as both a full-time patient and a Registered Nurse with 15+ years experience? Then look no further, you’ve found her! As a patient leader and nurse, I’m able to provide viewpoints to help bridge the gap between patients/caregivers, providers, and the industry.


Chronic illness has altered every aspect of my life, yet somehow I was able to turn the negatives into a passion. I love sharing my story, educating and advocating for those who have yet to find their voice while navigating the healthcare system.

Since 2014 I have presented and spoken at a number of healthcare conferences and patient advocacy events to a wide variety of audiences, and I’m always looking for more opportunities.


Topics include:

  • Living with lupus and multiple of chronic conditions.
  • Clinical Trials.
  • Patient centricity and other “hot button” issues within the industry.
  • Dating, intimacy, and relationships after a double mastectomy and living with chronic illnesses.
  • Navigating the healthcare system.


To inquire about MarlaJan speaking at your next event email


I’m also available for:

  • Host Twitter/Facebook chats.
  • Instagram takeovers.
  • Product reviews- I will only review products that I feel will benefit my readers and those in the chronic illness community- please expect honest reviews regardless of compensation.
  • Host and/or participate in webinars.
  • Consulting.
  • Writing and/or guest posts for other websites.

For patients/advocates/caregivers

Please don’t ever hesitate reaching out to me, as I am always happy to share insight and my experiences juggling life with multiple chronic illnesses. Again, remember that I am not here to provide medical advice, so if that’s what you are looking for, please seek out a trusted healthcare professional or go to the nearest emergency room.


Need makeup tips to cover those malar rashes? Trying to find up-to-date and reputable resources? Questions about finding clinical trials in your area? Curious about intimacy and dating with chronic disease? I’m here to answer any and all questions.


I do my best to respond in a timely manner, but… lupus. Please do not get discouraged if you don’t hear back from me immediately; in addition to my advocacy work, I work part-time as a phone triage nurse, spend way too much time in and out of doctor’s offices, all the while trying to live my best life. Sometimes I need a break.


You can reach out on any of my social media platforms, but, emailing is the most efficient way to contact me.